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Trickery- "These are Tricks and Jokes Folks!"

Grey Area- The Fine Line Between Trickery and Mystery

Mystery-Save a Seat for the Unknown


Funny - Witty - Mindblowing

It’s “Mindless” entertainment at its funniest and mind-blowing. In this audience participation tour-de-force, Byron Grey impossibly plucks thoughts, names, and old flames from the audiences minds. 

TGM SCALE: Trickery


Best Suited for: Banquets, After-Lunch/Dinner Performances/ One-Night Shows, Cruises/ After-Grad & After-Prom Parties/ Hotels & Resorts

For Audiences of 25- 2,000 people

The Magic Bookcase

Dreamy - Charming - Fantastic

In “The Magic Bookcase,”  Byron combines the ancient arts of storytelling and magic for an astonishing family-friendly magic show.

TGM SCALE: Trickery-Grey Area 


Best Suited for: Schools/One Night Shows/Libraries/After-School Clubs/Theaters

For Audiences of 15-500 people

A Little Night Magic

Astonishing - Enchanting - Wondrous

“A Little Night Magic” is an enchanting evening of Byron Grey’s original presentations for the classics of magic as well as new, original mysteries. This show will take the audience through a myriad of mysteries through music, storytelling, and audience participation.


TGM SCALE: Grey Area


Best Suited for: Theaters/Festivals/Cruises/One-Night Shows/Civic Centers/After-Grad&After-Prom Parties/ Hotels & Resorts

For Audiences of 25-5,000 people

Intimate Mysteries

Mysterious - Bewildering - Strange


What IS  a “Mystery” nowadays?  “Intimate Mysteries” weaves together the psychic, the mystical, and the human curiosity for all things otherworldly. An evening of strange tales, unusual artifacts, and baffling magic. For the finale, you and the audience are “insured against loss of mystery” as your mysteries are collected and revealed under extraordinary circumstances.

TGM SCALE: Grey Area- Mystery


Best Suited for: Breweries/Distilleries/ Intimate Venues/ Hotels & Resorts

For Audiences of 50-75 people.

A Séance with Byron Grey

Intense - Spooky - Convincing

The title much says it all…or does it? What starts as an exposé of fraudulent psychic mediums takes a sudden left turn. With Byron’s guidance, you will make the decision for yourself if the manifestations are real, trickery, or perhaps a “Grey Area."

TGM: Mystery

RATED PG-13 with Guardian

Best Suited for: Intimate Venues/ Bed and Breakfasts/ Hotels & Resorts

Audiences of no more than 30 people at a time.

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